Car Rental System (CRS)

#1 CRS/Rent A Car Software Suite including full-featured accounting, HRM, workshop, inventory and e-commerce. Real-time visibility and anywhere, anytime access to critical business information. Dramatically reduced IT cost, complexity, and maintenance. Sayyar Online is intuiti ... view more


University Management System (UMS)

A complete university operation management suit, an online portal of University is one such innovative step of the University to provide vital information regarding academics and other University logistics for assisting the University students, their parents and the staff. It is ... view more

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Software Development

For most development software company deployment is a process of doing the following: Releasing of all the modules and component of the project Installation guidelines are compiled in the form of document file The dep ...


IT Consulting Services

Consulting is always been the major factor at the beginning, once our valued customer is satisfied with our service then the rest will follow. That is why in our company we always anticipate the client’s needs and present a ...


Project Management

Project management is the way of directing your team and managing your stakeholders at the same time. That is why our mangers are well burst on research and best practices that he should observer while managing the developmen ...

oftware Testing

Software Testing

Software cannot be called finish product without undergoing rigorous testing phase. It must pass so many unit, software, functionality etc. testing before deploying in the market and to be branded as operational. In the ...


Web design & Redesign

We are standing at the edge of the internet revolution and web based business. Almost everything and everyone is going online and becoming web-enabled. A professional and well focused website strengthens your company's overal ...


Business Analysis

We always identify the needs of our valued customer that is why we always noted your concerns whether you want us to develop your solution quickly or you want a long-term project partnership with us. What ever the option is w ...